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Mission Statement

Our mission is to train and develop young professionals in direct sales and leadership, in a fun, family-oriented environment. Our goal is to develop future business partners and entrepreneurs by instilling successful habits in our employees and providing them life-changing opportunities for years to come.
Our Company

Who We Are

Located in Austin, TX, L.A.K.E. Enterprises is a leading consulting firm that specializes in outsourced, retail-based marketing and sales for large telecommunication and home entertainment providers. Our overall marketing approach enhances client brand loyalty, which translates into increased revenue and a positive, long-lasting impression.

Through face-to-face marketing and sales presentations to qualified customers, L.A.K.E. Enterprises works to increase our clients’ market share in the Austin area. We are dedicated to growth and greatness at our firm and are excited about implementing expansion into new locations every year!


Our team will represent your company’s brand with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Quality Service

We are adamant about providing a superior customer service experience on behalf of our clients.
At L.A.K.E. Enterprises, we are committed to being the go-to choice when clients are seeking to improve their marketing and sales strategy, increase brand awareness, and generate speedy, tangible results!
Integrity is always at the forefront of our minds. Our dedicated team members conduct business with transparency and ethical practices, and we have unyielding respect for our clients and customers.
With renowned marketing and sales services, impeccable hiring and training process, and expansion opportunities on behalf of our elite clientele, continuous growth at L.A.K.E. Enterprises is inevitable!